This photo is of Alex and his brother Peter riding a Jet Ski. Alex is the one in the suit and Peter has the sweet wrap around sports shades. Moments before this was taken, Alex lost his cool looking and favorite pair of sunglasses when Peter, his younger brother, purposefully tossed Alex off the back of said Jet Ski by performing a series of donut maneuvers. Alex blamed his ejection on the lack of grip supplied by the cotton of his summer suit. He misses those sunglasses very much and did realize immediately after losing them that this is a common Jet Ski problem and he should have been more careful or at least worn a sporty pair like Peter’s. Alex’s father is always telling him to get those sunglass band behind the head string things but, of course, he will never wear one of those. We here at SquareSpace wouldn’t say we believe he learned his lesson but remain cautiously optimistic nonetheless.


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